Friday, August 31, 2007

week 1/60

Hit with a dose of Just. felt like the draft was back. not like i was there for the first one..but it still felt like it was back. and then he piled us with 80 worth of paper.. it looked like a trees wake on his the open casket thing... there was enough paper on his desk, it looked like someone had printed out the entire wikipedia. Tuesday was Fenske's and I was late..late...pathetic... id swear i wouldnt be late anymore to anywhere..but i was..and it was dissapointing..not for the fenske tho.. as i walked up his grin got wider. he says, "I live for these things"...great.tu che fenske.. tu che. the t-shirt assignment blew..well i blew it... too far one got it... no one.. i dont think i did either.. it seemed like a good idea at the time..
week 1 was def. cool... i still have 59 to go. but im not going to be bitching about those.. i just wanted to bitch once..and get it out my seeeyshtem. and im going to add a pic to this entry...for my fellow A D D types. -----------------That is inspiration... one day ad day..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hello Ad World

Usually when you're taking a beginner level programming class, say like... C+ or Java, they start you off with this program, titled, "Hello World." Ironic since, essentially, what you're actually doing, by getting into programming, is saying goodbye. The rest of your career will consist of 4 gray walls of a cubicle, your face lit bright, not by the fresh morning rays of the sun, but only by that code editor that will soon feel like family.

Im no copywriter so if you dont feel like reading the above dont. I just had to get it off my chest. I was almost doomed to a career..or atleast.. a degree in programming... and i fought my way out of it.

With my acceptance into the VCU adcenter, I mark my entry into the ad world, as I break down the walls of a cubicle I would have otherwise grown to love adore and probably name.